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We create opportunities for entrepreneurial activity, economic growth, and job creation across the world using cutting edge technology to deploy innovative solutions to pressing societal problems that markets or governments lack the incentives or capacity to address.

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We believe everyone has limitless potential.

Our Interconnected Components

Engaged & Networked Communities of Practice

Our collaborative networks of STREAM learning foster the skills and growth mindsets among all students that lead to lifelong learning and opportunities for postsecondary and career success, while expanding access to rigorous STREAM courses.s

Solving Relevant Grand Challenges

Tasking students with tackling a grand challenge provides them with the opportunity to understand the relevance of STREAM to their lives and to see the value of STREAM in addressing issues that are important to their communities. Undertaking a grand challenge also gives students an accessible entry point as well as the freedom to tinker with ideas because there is no one right answer to solving these issues.

Flexible Learning Spaces

Peerbuds Innovation Lab also recognizes and aims to capitalize on the opportunity to create more flexible and inclusive learning spaces using flipped classroom approaches and technology-enabled tools if an effective mechanism for ensuring equity of access and use of these methods and tools is established. Flipped classroom approaches to STREAM education, where students gain content and technical knowledge through online videos outside of the school day to prepare them for more active, applied learning of the content in the classroom, and other technology advancements can expand students’ access to authentic and interdisciplinary STREAM learning experiences.

Accessible Activities

We want to ensure that there are innovative and accessible measures of learning that allow students to showcase the diversity of their skills and abilities, and allow students to experience a sense of achievement in STEM without being burdensome. Although it will remain important in the future, as it is today, to assess the extent to which students are equitably developing facility with and mastery of core content knowledge, the future measures of learning, as envisioned by project contributors, also value the enduring skills and personal qualities that demonstrate academic tenacity and competence, and other lifelong learning skills that will remain relevant in 10 to 20 years.

Promoting Diversity

It is our mission to adversely influence the accessibility and inclusiveness of high-quality STREAM teaching and learning experiences for all students.

Accessible Activities That Invite Experimentation

Often absent from the culture and structure of the formal education system, is the recognition that hands-on experience, including experience of failure, plays an essential role in learning academic subjects.